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We will have to cancel our present contract together and then you could opt for another banner. Know that you would not have more exposure with big banners known. We post on the same Centris network. In addition to having to pay around 5% plus taxes with a big banner and usually without the possibility of selling on your own.

With Vendre-Ma-Maison you have the right to sell for yourself without commission (just the cost of the package) and about 65% of our customers manage to sell by themselves. If there is a collaborating broker who brings a customer with a promise to purchase, you pay 2% + taxes. In addition, we display our properties on more than 10 websites.


No. You will not be able to keep visibility on Sell-My-House and the 10 sites if you opt for another broker. With Sell-My-House, it's Marc-André Raffa who is your broker and the portal is Vendre-Ma-Maison. By cons, if you have an ad on Proprio or other site not exclusively for brokers you can keep it.


In fact, because you have the ability to sell on your own and your phone numbers on the sign and ads, agentless customers are redirected directly to you. (So ​​the cost of the package - 0% commission).

Marc-André Raffa, therefore do not bring buyers because customers are redirected to you. (So ​​0%)

If there is a broker collaborator of another banner that brings a customer with a promise to purchase it is 2% + taxes (or the% establishes in your file).

Sell ​​by yourself: package cost - 0% commission
Marc-André Raffa: package cost - 0% commission
Collaborating broker: the cost of the package + 2% + taxes

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